We recently posted a preview of Oloi founder Thomas Lee’s 2007 S2000 and now we’re thrilled to present another vehicle from his track attack arsenal. This 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 came ready to race from the factory but was an untethered beast at the track. Thomas and his team at SAVVY reined it in, putting their own spin on the tail-happy coupe. They went from minimal upgrades to more extensive modifications, adding or stripping out parts as needed. The result was a formidable opponent at the Super Lap Battle (SLB) at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

2014 was the first year for the third-generation GT3, making it part of the 991.1 series. Thomas has always been a 911 fan and he had to have this car as soon as it became available.

A prototype wing and upgraded springs were fitted to the GT3 for the 2017 SLB. The team took home second place in the Limited RWD Class.

Thomas and the SAVVY tuners then stripped out the GT3’s interior and replaced the seats. The stock door panels were also replaced, along with the steering wheel. A new carbon wing, air dam, and roll cage were installed. The suspension was beefed up with upgraded shocks, spring rates, and control arms. BBS wheels with Nitto tires were swapped in, along with a full straight exhaust (manifold headers, test pipe, single exit no cats). The car was also tuned to run on 100 octane fuel.

The goal was to “maximize the overall power and handling performance without sacrificing its liability.” There were more competitors on the field at the 2018 SLB and the SAVVY team had another podium finish. They took third place in the Limited RWD Class with a time of 1:48.867. This was an improvement of nearly two-and-a-half seconds over the previous year’s lap.

Check out the full story behind this lean green machine and more at Oloi’s official blog:

Oloi’s 2014 Porsche 911 GT3

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