The Honda S2000 was produced from 1999–2009 and is regarded as one of the best modern roadsters out there. It produced 124 horsepower per liter, which was a record for naturally aspirated engines. Its high-revving motor (9,000 RPM redline), balanced dynamics, and crisp gearbox make it a popular choice for track days. It should come as no surprise that Oloi founder Thomas Lee, a self-proclaimed “track junkie,” added this speedy little Honda to his impressive car collection.

Thomas’ Formula Red 2007 Honda S2000 shares garage space with some rare vehicles baring the most exotic nameplates. Thanks to a history in racing, Thomas prioritizes performance over all else. Adding an S2000 to the stable was an easy decision but he didn’t stop there. Thomas gave NewYorKars the inside scoop on his company and this special Honda roadster. Check out the full story at Oloi’s official blog:

FEATURED: Oloi Founder Thomas Lee and His Honda S2000

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