The driver and car

Christy from NYC drives a Velvet Purple 2019 Audi RS 5 Coupe. This German luxury sports coupe is the flagship vehicle for Audi’s A5 line and slots above the S5. It was introduced for the 2011 model year and is currently in its second generation. The RS designation stands for RennSport, which translates to “racing sport.”

The RS 5’s 2.9-liter biturbo V-6 engine produces 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. An eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive are standard. Audi cites a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph, though the latter can be raised with certain options.

Factory options/packages

Christy acquired her Audi RS 5 in June 2019 and has put 1,688 miles on it since then. Its Velvet Purple coat is part of Audi’s Exclusive paint options, which contributed to a 6-month wait. But anyone seeing this color in person would agree that it was worth all that time and more.

Christy specced her RS 5 with the Dynamic package, Fine Nappa Leather package, RS Driver Assistance package, Black Optic Carbon package, and 20-inch 5-spoke bi-color titanium matte design wheels.

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The mods

This loaded RS 5’s precious paint is walled from the elements by paint protection film and a coat of Ceramic Pro. The work was done at Sanford Auto Spa in Lynbrook, N.Y. Check out the shop on Instagram and Facebook — they do great work.

Christy has also relocated her front license plate since these photos were taken. She has more plans for her car in the works, so stay tuned for updates!

Christy’s Audi RS 5 story

“I needed a coupe for sure, so that’s what I went for. I’ve always liked Audi, since my first one. And my next car will be an Audi. There aren’t that many coupes with four seats. I was between the S5 or the TT or the TT RS or the RS 5. I went with the RS 5 because it was really comfortable. I took my parents out and they liked it. It wasn’t until after I got the car that I noticed there are no grab handles. My father learned this the hard way.

“I’ve always wanted a fast car. I never got a chance to until I totaled my Audi A4 and needed something new. There was a time I went out with a friend and they had an A6 and I was driving my A4. I got a little jealous. In my head I knew I had to get something at a higher level than what I had at the time.

“I had a Honda Accord coupe and I went up to the A4 and then the RS 5. As I became more successful in life, I was able to upgrade my cars.”

Future plans

“I’m pretty sure I am going to keep this car for a while. I want to finish paying it off and then do some custom work to it. My car will be five years old by then and I want to do some aftermarket mods to make it feel different and update the looks.

“I might do some major work such as a wide body kit and scissor doors. At a basic level I will change the intake and exhaust and wrap the car. If I change the color I might change the seats as well. The wheels will either be swapped out or coated in a new color. And of course I want to lower the car.

“All this depends on me keeping the car. It would be cheaper than trading it in to get a new one. I’m the kind of person who can’t settle for something less than what I already have. If I can’t get the car I want, I will keep it. If I could I would get an Audi R8. That is definitely what I would aim for. In the future, if you don’t see me driving the RS 5, I will be driving an R8. I set a goal for myself and I will stick to it.”

The meet of the matter

“I don’t like car shows so much, but I do like car meets. I get bored by just seeing new cars. I like to go to meets because I learn so much more. It’s a relaxing environment and people are happy to tell you about their cars. For example, a guy showed me how lowering his car hurt his wheels. I will apply these lessons to my own car.

“When I had my A4, I did not want to go to car meets until I had a car that was perfect to me. I felt like I was bringing a car that wasn’t good enough. I knew I needed something that wasn’t just a better car, but something special. That is why I went with the Audi Exclusive Velvet Purple color for my RS 5. It attracts a lot of attention but most importantly, it’s different.”

Purple blaze

“It attracts a lot of attention but most importantly, it’s different”

“I have some crazy memories from the first day I took the car on the highway. With the A4, I had to hold down the gas pedal to get it up to speed. But I forgot I was driving an RS 5 that day. I was maybe three car lengths behind the car in front of me. I put my foot down on the gas and my car activated the auto emergency brake because I sped right up to the other car’s ass. I didn’t realize it was so fast.

“I am used to it now so when I drive I barely put my foot down. It also feels like I am playing a game. When you are driving, an alert pops up telling you to speed up to use the boost. It’s like when you get nitro boost in a racing game. I talked to some other Audi people and they don’t know what I’m talking about! It could be part of a package I have.

“I’ve had my car for a few months and I notice that when I go out with a full tank, I usually come home with a half tank. It eats gas. But I love it.”

Follow that car

Find Christy and her RS 5 on Instagram at @christyrs5.

Christy’s previous vehicles:

2001 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe

2009 Audi A4 3.2 V6 quattro sedan

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